How does one approach the feeling of rejection?
How can I better navigate through the feelings of being rejected?
This week I was experiencing the uglies that come along with a sense of rejection. I was confused, I was upset with myself, disappointed and very very aware of my thoughts too. I knew I was making a choice. My choice was to create a story where I was being rejected and that it was a bad thing and that I should feel bad too. I quickly began to question my story and this is what unfolded. I asked myself, “How do you want to feel?“ Yes, that’s the million-dollar question. Thanks, mom! Why did I want to feel bad and why was I choosing to create a story of rejection? I decided to turn my rejection into opportunity. I began to create a New Story. I realized and recognized that the Universe has a bigger plan and a better one too. This rejection is actually an opportunity for me to let go of something and move forward towards something else, maybe something better than I had imagined. I may not have the answer as to why, but I know the answers would be revealed to me at the right time. I reminded myself to have faith in the unknown, it’s always served me in the past. This allowed me to let go of that limiting story that I had created making me question my strengths. Instead, I chose ME. I chose to feel good about the situation and turn it into an opportunity rather than thinking of it as only rejection. What a feeling of relief and FLOW. This was a gift. Yes, I turned around my story and limiting belief in no time, imagining the possibilities and OPPORTUNITY!!!! #iLoveYouWorld #iLoveMyLife
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