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Be BOLD, Be Beautiful

Love my hat or not, I’m wearing it!
“People may laugh at my hat! I say let them! I find it beautiful AND no one will steal it …”
My friend Barbara, recently posted a photo of her wearing this fun flower hat and shared, despite how anyone else might react to this hat, she LOVED it and saw its beauty. Now this is a confident woman! She had the courage to take a risk and wear this hat with a BIG OVERSIZED flower on top, thinking maybe others would not accept her look fully, but she was not allowing that to weaken her confidence. Barbara was BOLD and she was PROUD to sport this hat and feel great doing it.
What was the last style risk you took?
Did you put on a shoe that has a heel higher than your norm?
Did you try a new color that may intimidate you?
Did you get a new hairdo?

I encourage you to take a small risk once in a while and challenge yourself. See what the reaction is, what do you see in the mirror? See you! Taking a small risk can change your whole day for the better. Give me a call and run your small risk by me if you like, I am honored to help and to support you!
Take a small risk tomorrow.
Heck, make a BOLD move today!

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