Wear your RED.

Valentine’s Day is approaching...are you READY? This Valentine’s Day, will you choose to wear RED for a special night or to the office, or maybe just to feel fabulous like I do when I wear RED! I do like receiving compliments when I wear my RED beret. It most...

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Leopard + Lipstick

What’s your confidence booster? Today, it was my red lipstick and leopard trench that boosted my confidence as I ran out the door! Walking in my neighborhood, I received 2 unexpected compliments and it felt wonderful. That too boosted my...

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Put a hat on it!

Having a bad hair day today? Why fuss any further, find a hat and build your outfit around that. Voila! Great HAT day! Let me help you create your hat collection so that you won’t get overwhelmed with fixing a bad hair day and lose time getting out the door! Finding...

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