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Confident Risktaker

I often get a thrill out of taking a risk with my wardrobe.
Whether it’s a small risk, like a new necklace or a big risk like this vibrant green and hot pink pants suit,
the thrill of a risk actually ‘builds my confidence’. I do like the attention that my risks bring,
I welcome the smiles and compliments. This acknowledgment raises my confidence level and allows me
to continue to explore new ideas and try different things with my wardrobe.
Are you willing to take a small risk or even a big risk with your wardrobe to help build your confidence?
If the idea of a risk is scary to you, please give me a call, I will help guide you in taking the best risks suited for you, big or small.

We tell our story and we share our personal brand with every image
we post and every ensemble we wear.
What will your story be today?
Live your authentic self every day everywhere.