Who is Sue Yerou?

I am a New York native who has worked domestically and internationally in the fashion industry starting in New York City, then on to Sydney, Australia, and currently in San Francisco, California. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with the desire to be a fashion stylist.

My path, however, took me first to Avon as a part of their creative team. It was there, in the middle of the fashion-forward city of Manhattan, as a part of Avon, I refined my personal style and came to understand the fashion and beauty industry. With my eight-year tenure at Avon, I continued to expand my career in fashion and beauty photography and began to master my skills in color correction, aesthetic, fit and form. 


While the dream of being a stylist lived on within me, it was my work in fashion and beauty photography that took me all the way to Sydney where I continued to develop my professional visual eye. I was embedded in a new culture with new designers and style trends.

“Go and love someone
exactly as they are.
And then watch
how quickly they transform
into the greatest,
truest version of themselves.
When one feels seen
and appreciated in their
own essence,
one is instantly empowered.”
 – Wes Angelozzi 

My return to the United States landed me in San Francisco. This move prompted a rebirth for me and I decided that it was finally time to pursue my dream of becoming a personal stylist. It was at that point in my story that I launched Style Rehab.

As I was a bit of a transformation expert myself just through my own life experiences, my vision for Style Rehab was simple – To guide people through their own personal transformation in their wardrobes so that they can share their most confident, empowered, and authentic selves with the world.

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