When our busy lives find us overwhelmed, we often seek the tools,
tips and tricks to help us through. We even join groups, go to workshops
or read blogs and books.
Here’s a quick look at some really fantastic ‘infographics’ that you might
want to take note of. The author is a dynamo, entrepreneur, female and had
worn the same little black dress for 100 days straight! YEP, the ONE, SINGLE,
SAME dress for 100 days… try that for simplify!
Anna Vitale is co-founder of Funders and Founders, a start up based in San Francisco who connects your startup with the funders via events and much more.
You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be busy!
See how your life can benefit from these tips.
Here’s the article full of the ‘infographics’ for you…
The busy lives we live…
one dress