Mom and me pictured here, in Lake Merritt, when she and pops were in town for a visit.
My mom, or Ma as we often refer to her as, is a most remarkable woman.
My Ma always puts her family first. Her unconditional love and support for her children is unmatched. My Ma goes above and beyond for her community also, as a volunteer at her local hospitals, hospice and her church. My Ma makes sacrifices for me that often test her own beliefs, just so she can support mine. My Ma has taught me to believe in myself through her belief in me and my sometimes, risky choices. My Ma has always encouraged me to share exactly who I am without judgement. She has taught me to accept others as they are and to welcome anyone into my home despite differences. My Ma encourages my artistic expression, my adventurous explorations and my desire to live as my intuition guides me.
My Ma is a true gift who impresses me with her own evolution, her gifts of love and generosity and her gift to heal. I am honored to call my Ma, my mom.
I am honored to share her with all of you…I love you Ma