Int’l Women’s Day 2020

Int’l Women’s Day 2020

Be your Authentic You

I enjoy creating new looks for myself that are inspired by styles of the 1920’s through to the 1940’s. I don’t mind people staring at me when I walk into the party or event wearing something they never would have put together. And I love to wear a hat with a feather in it. This is the Authentic Me headed to two birthday parties here in San Francisco. I felt like a star!

Leopard + Lipstick

What’s your confidence booster?

Today, it was my red lipstick and leopard trench that boosted my confidence as I ran out the door! Walking in my neighborhood, I received 2 unexpected compliments and it felt wonderful. That too boosted my confidence and my energy for the whole day.

What’s in your closet that puts a smile on your face and a pep in your step?

Because confidence is beautiful!

Give me a call today and I’ll help you find those confidence-building items!

Put a hat on it!

Having a bad hair day today? Why fuss any further, find a hat and build your outfit around that.

Voila! Great HAT day!

Let me help you create your hat collection so that you won’t get overwhelmed with fixing a bad hair day and lose time getting out the door!

Finding just the right shape, color and style to align with your wardrobe and lifestyle can be confusing, but I’m here to help you make the best decisions and keep you from buying something that you’ll never wear!

Let’s go Hat shopping!

Are you ready for Fall?

~ Layers for Fall ~
Fall is a great time of year to Launch New Looks.
We just love those cozy sweaters worn with leggings
or skinny jeans and tall boots.

As we finally enter into the Fall Season,
we are welcomed with cooler temperatures
and shorter days, which can only mean LAYERS!

How are your layering skills?
If creating outfits using layers feels overwhelming
or intimidating, give me a call and together,
we will make new discoveries in your closet.

Beginning with basics, adding accessories and taking a risk,
we will create new looks from items already in your closet.

What will your layered looks be today? Give me a call!

Take a risk and find confidence.

Take a risk and find confidence.

Beauty is everywhere

Confident Risktaker

I often get a thrill out of taking a risk with my wardrobe.
Whether it’s a small risk, like a new necklace or a big risk like this vibrant green and hot pink pants suit,
the thrill of a risk actually ‘builds my confidence’. I do like the attention that my risks bring,
I welcome the smiles and compliments. This acknowledgment raises my confidence level and allows me
to continue to explore new ideas and try different things with my wardrobe.
Are you willing to take a small risk or even a big risk with your wardrobe to help build your confidence?
If the idea of a risk is scary to you, please give me a call, I will help guide you in taking the best risks suited for you, big or small.

We tell our story and we share our personal brand with every image
we post and every ensemble we wear.
What will your story be today?
Live your authentic self every day everywhere.

Be Bold, Take a Risk

Be Bold, Take a Risk

Be bold. Take small risks. When you take a risk, be aware of how it makes you feel, what the reactions are from your audience, and decide if this was the right risk for you. We tell our story and we share our personal brand with every image we post and every ensemble we wear.
What will your story be today?
Live your authentic self every day, everywhere.

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Let’s go shopping!
I will find new outfits in YOUR closet.
Get the BOOST
you need to #Ignite your #PersonalStyle

This top was bold and caught attention, I felt confident and alive!