Transforming Rejection into Opportunity

Transforming Rejection into Opportunity

How does one approach the feeling of rejection?
How can I better navigate through the feelings of being rejected?
This week I was experiencing the uglies that come along with a sense of rejection. I was confused, I was upset with myself, disappointed and very very aware of my thoughts too. I knew I was making a choice. My choice was to create a story where I was being rejected and that it was a bad thing and that I should feel bad too. I quickly began to question my story and this is what unfolded. I asked myself, “How do you want to feel?“ Yes, that’s the million-dollar question. Thanks, mom! Why did I want to feel bad and why was I choosing to create a story of rejection? I decided to turn my rejection into opportunity. I began to create a New Story. I realized and recognized that the Universe has a bigger plan and a better one too. This rejection is actually an opportunity for me to let go of something and move forward towards something else, maybe something better than I had imagined. I may not have the answer as to why, but I know the answers would be revealed to me at the right time. I reminded myself to have faith in the unknown, it’s always served me in the past. This allowed me to let go of that limiting story that I had created making me question my strengths. Instead, I chose ME. I chose to feel good about the situation and turn it into an opportunity rather than thinking of it as only rejection. What a feeling of relief and FLOW. This was a gift. Yes, I turned around my story and limiting belief in no time, imagining the possibilities and OPPORTUNITY!!!! #iLoveYouWorld #iLoveMyLife
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What’s Your Style Story?


Does the story you’ve been telling all your life, align with the story your closet is telling and the story you want to share with the world today? Are you expressing your best and authentic self? Does your lifestyle align with your personal presentation?

If these stories don’t align, perhaps you’re finding yourself confused or uncertain of how to put your best self forward.
Give me a call, we will work together to update your story, align it with your closet story and current lifestyle and business needs. It all begins from the inside out.

Thank you for supporting women as we all creatively navigate these uncertain times.

Share with a friend, gift a Style Rehab session to a loved one or treat yourself!I’ll help you clear that closet, find a fabulous outfitor even discover a whole new look!

Live your authentic self every day from the inside out.

Style Rehab, supporting you in shedding old stories and habits people fall into, revealing your strengths and gifts so you can evolve your unspoken message, career, art, life, and love.

Wear your RED.

Wear your RED.

Valentine’s Day is approaching…are you READY?

This Valentine’s Day, will you choose to wear RED for a special night or to the office,
or maybe just to feel fabulous like I do when I wear RED!
I do like receiving compliments when I wear my RED beret. It most definitely reminds me
that I’m doing something right by choosing RED as it complements my blue eyes. 

Whatever color you choose to wear tomorrow or on Valentine’s Day, I hope it lifts your spirit, energizes your soul
and puts a smile on your face as you walk out the door! 

‘Confidence is Beautiful’

Live your authentic self every day, everywhere.
Style Rehab, supporting you in scrubbing off the old stories and habits
people fall into, revealing your strengths and gifts so you can
progress in messages, careers, art, life, and love.

Leopard + Lipstick

What’s your confidence booster?

Today, it was my red lipstick and leopard trench that boosted my confidence as I ran out the door! Walking in my neighborhood, I received 2 unexpected compliments and it felt wonderful. That too boosted my confidence and my energy for the whole day.

What’s in your closet that puts a smile on your face and a pep in your step?

Because confidence is beautiful!

Give me a call today and I’ll help you find those confidence-building items!

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

“I have nothing to wear!”
Consider whether what you are keeping in your wardrobe
holds any value to your current lifestyle and personal style
and, if not, it may be time to let it go.
Give me a call, I’ll help you get your closet sorted and refresh your wardrobe.
We can get so much accomplished in just 2 hours!