Wear it like a shawl, drape it loose, tie around your neck once, tie it at your chest line, tie it tight, wrap it around, tie, bend and pull!A scarf is a wonderful accessory that can be worn all year round. A scarf can easily dress up a...

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Covid Couture

Josie Lazo is a Bay Area artist, stylist, vegan and yoga teacher.She was inspired to create a new look each day while 'Shelter In Place' during the Covid19 global pandemic.  Support Josie in these ways: • Buy from her Etsy shop - Retrofix...

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Happy Mother’s Day

Please allow me to share with you my most amazing mom, Vi.My Ma has and continues to teach me to be a loving and generous person. I will share with you that my Ma is a nurturer, a healer, a supporter, a guide and a teacher. Ma is a...

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