What’s Your Style Story?


Does the story you’ve been telling all your life, align with the story your closet is telling and the story you want to share with the world today? Are you expressing your best and authentic self? Does your lifestyle align with your personal presentation?

If these stories don’t align, perhaps you’re finding yourself confused or uncertain of how to put your best self forward.
Give me a call, we will work together to update your story, align it with your closet story and current lifestyle and business needs. It all begins from the inside out.

Thank you for supporting women as we all creatively navigate these uncertain times.

Share with a friend, gift a Style Rehab session to a loved one or treat yourself!I’ll help you clear that closet, find a fabulous outfitor even discover a whole new look!

Live your authentic self every day from the inside out.

Style Rehab, supporting you in shedding old stories and habits people fall into, revealing your strengths and gifts so you can evolve your unspoken message, career, art, life, and love.