Project of Smiling Masks

Project of Smiling Masks, by Carol Thosath

Meet my friend and artist, Carol Thosath. She has a #personalstyle of her own and she wears it with a smile.
Here is her story of what brought her to ‘Project of Smiling Masks’.

“You don’t look like an artist!” Since I am an artist, that comment caused me to consider, what does an artist look like?

Thus, I began to channel some of my creativity into my wardrobe. It gave me another expressive outlet that seemed to encourage my creativity in general. I now feel a sense of pride and pleasure in finding this part of myself.

The colder months are my favorite because I can layer and play with my clothes to create little works of art, some more successful than others!
I usually start with a comfy T-shirt, then the layering process begins evolving and changing combinations.

Dresses and skirts are my first choice, over pants, for comfort and femininity. Clothes that fit where I am smaller (upper body, hips and legs) and are looser around my chubby tummy, seem the most flattering. If asked, I will probably deny caring about the “flattering” part and proclaim to pick fun and interesting over pride, if I had to choose, but, still….!

My husband used to encourage me to wear blue jeans. One day his dream came true, to which he responded, “You’re right! Not everyone should wear blue jeans!”

It’s hard to find clothes that I love and can afford, so often I sew them or buy clothes to remodel, removing sleeves to convert to pockets, adding ticks, buttons, etc.

A boyfriend once said, “It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed!”
I like that philosophy and refuse to “dress down for a culture that won’t dress up!” I believe people can be comfortable and look good at the same time with the added bonuses of pride and confidence!

So, thank you to the man who seemed to question my authenticity based on my appearance! He, inadvertently, nudged me into discovery!

Addendum: Now, we are in the middle of a pandemic! While wearing my mask, it has bothered me that people could not tell if I was smiling at them-so my Project of Smiling Masks was born! They make people happy, both the wearers and the observers!

To order your mask, email Carol at
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