Leopard + Lipstick

What’s your confidence booster?

Today, it was my red lipstick and leopard trench that boosted my confidence as I ran out the door! Walking in my neighborhood, I received 2 unexpected compliments and it felt wonderful. That too boosted my confidence and my energy for the whole day.

What’s in your closet that puts a smile on your face and a pep in your step?

Because confidence is beautiful!

Give me a call today and I’ll help you find those confidence-building items! www.suestylerehab.com

Put a hat on it!

Having a bad hair day today? Why fuss any further, find a hat and build your outfit around that.

Voila! Great HAT day!

Let me help you create your hat collection so that you won’t get overwhelmed with fixing a bad hair day and lose time getting out the door!

Finding just the right shape, color and style to align with your wardrobe and lifestyle can be confusing, but I’m here to help you make the best decisions and keep you from buying something that you’ll never wear!

Let’s go Hat shopping!